(Patent #5517890)

Fred Graham (Irish Rovers) on custom finished 16″ bodhran with REMO Ebony Suede head with a reverse dampening ring.

video by Jennifer Fahrni

Our Fred Graham styled bodhran: is now available in a 14″ and 16″ diameter.   These drums are mounted the unique REMO Ebony Suede head with a reverse dot to produce a warm, open and resonant sound with a warm attack.  A brilliant green “sunburst” finish adds to the drums haunting appeal.

Fred Graham Bodrans Jan 2014 3

14″,  $374.00

16″ $387.00

(prices include tuning wrench; drum bag may be purchased separately).


#12 highest quality, Marimba-grade tonewood – Rosewood $35.00

#13 highest quality, Marimba-grade tonewood -Rosewood $35.00

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