Marching Stick Models





Weight and Pitch Matched, Hand Finished Snare Drumsticks in Persimmon or Hickory Wood :
Our concert and snare model drumsticks are made primarily of persimmon wood, an American domestic hardwood with close, straight grain, and great strength, weight and shock resistance. Persimmon wood has a wide range of color, from creamy white to dark blonde, with or without dark streaks. Some of our models are also available in white hickory, another domestic hardwood long prized for drumsticks because of similar characteristics.

Weight and Pitch Matched, Hand Finished Snare Drumsticks in Honduran Rosewood:
At this time, we are waiting for availability of the Honduran rosewood that we most often use for our sticks.  We do have a small remaining stock of some models, and have added some models in cocobolo (another exotic of the rosewood genus).  Our store,, has the most up-to-date information on availability.


Marching Sticks:

Model Name Dimensions(length, dia at grip)
#20  Lemley (17″, 11/16″) View Stick
#21 Connecticut Drummer (17″, 11/16″) View Stick
#22 Parley (17″, 11/16″) View Stick
#24 Fastick, (16 7/8″, 23/32″) View Stick
#26 Guardsman (16 ¾”, ¾”) View Stick
#41 Virginia Drummer (16 7/8″, 23/32″) View Stick
#43 Massachusetts Drummer
(17″, 23/32″) View Stick
#46 NEW – David Lindberg (17″, 3/4″) View Stick
#50 Civil War (16 3/4″, 7/8″) View Stick

Specialty Marching Models – availability limited

Model Name Dimensions(length, dia at grip)
#23 Mariner (17″, 11/16″) View Stick
#25 Parade
(16 7/8″, 11/16″) View Stick
#28 Acorn (16 7/8″, 11/16″)Stick View Stick
#42 Halifax
(17″, 13/16″) View Stick
#45 Michigan Drummer (17″, 23/32″) View Stick
Cadre Cadre Corps (17″, ¾”) View Stick
Cadre Cane Cadre Cane (17 1/8″, ¾”) View Stick