Traditional Bb Model – Student

$45.00 plus shipping

The visual design of our wood Traditional  Model fifes is patterned on museum pieces, and this simple shape with the swell at the mouth hole,  a soft taper to the foot, and long brass ferrules is appropriate for 18th and 19th century representations. It is a powerful instrument for field music, and will provide both the authentic look and sound needed for this type of performance.  This student version of the fife is made of persimmon wood, with an ovaled embouchure hole and plain-edge finger holes.  Also known as “American ebony”, persimmon wood is a domestic hardwood that has the tight grain needed for a good woodwind bore, at a lower price that the exotic hardwoods we choose for our professional level fifes.




$10.00 plus shipping

We use FDA approved black plastic for our student model plastic fifes.  Plastic is actually a very good choice for a student instrument; it is inexpensive, durable, washable, and plays easily.  This fife is of contemporary design – a simple black cylinder design with short brass-plated end ferrules, round embouchure hole and plain-edge finger holes.