Traditional Bb Models – Professional

The visual design of our wood Traditional  Model fifes is patterned on museum pieces, and this simple shape with the swell at the mouth hole,  a soft taper to the foot, and long brass ferrules is appropriate for 18th and 19th century representations. It is a powerful instrument for field music, and will provide both the authentic look and sound needed for this type of performance. For material and key information, see Basics.

These one piece fifes have a straight bore; that is, the tapered look of the fife is only external.  This is the classic fife design, illustrating the most widely accepted definition of a fife as an instrument with a straight bore and six finger holes.  All fifes have some lack of agreement among the registers, and with a six hole fife, you will have to cross finger and half hole to get a chromatic scale.  The Traditional Model fife is usually chosen for its historical authenticity, and for its marvelous performance as a bright, loud field instrument with a powerful upper register.  Each fife is crafted of the finest instrument grade grenadilla or rosewood, with recessed finger holes and an ovaled embouchure hole, and packaged in a wooden slider top box; a cleaning rod is included.