Rope Tension Drums – Special Offers

Rope Tension Drums – Special Offers

From time to time our drum builders are inspired to build a showroom sample, or to prototype a drum
with a special material or finish or construction detail.  Used drums, refurbished drums, and shop seconds
may also be available, as well as new drums that are in the process of being made and so will be ready faster
than a new custom order.   Please call us (802 463 9750) or email us ( if you are interested
in one of these drums. Or follow this link to see a selection of drums at our web store


USED Cooperman J Hook Snare Drum

Laminated Jasper-made shell with birds-eye outer ply, 16″ x 16″ shell size, with tack design. Remo Fiberskyn batter, EMP snare, with rims painted white. Price of new Loyal Cooperman Series $1290

$600 as is, or $700 with new custom Remo Fiberskyn batter head. Plus shipping,

Sling and sticks as shown included.

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DEMO BASS  14 x 24 dia

Cooperman Liberty Bass #901

5 ply laminated maple shell, Remo Fiberskyn heads

$900 plus shipping

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This is a vintage 17 x 28 solid maple shell.
A picture added here shows a repaired crack by the tack design.
We added used ears, used carry hooks, 5/16 buff poly rope.
No heads at this time (flesh hoops shown in picture).

With Remo Fiberskyn heads, $600 plus shipping

With calfskin heads, $915 plus shipping


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12 X 30 dia. vintage laminated birds-eye maple bass, with Kershaw label.
We have added a small patch on the overlap shown below; also note the
age hairline cracks in the outer ply. There is a single ring middle carry.
To be assembled, with new hoops, new rope, new Fiberskyn heads, new ears.

$890 plus shipping

If assembled with calfskins, $1240 plus shipping.

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