Rope Tension Drums – Special Offers


Rope Tension Drums – Special Offers:

From time to time our drum builders are inspired to build a showroom sample, or to prototype a drum
with a special material or finish or construction detail.  Used drums, refurbished drums, and shop seconds
may also be available.   Please call us (802 463 9750) or email us ( if you are interested
in one of these drums.Or follow this link to see a selection of drums at our web store



Liberty Snare Drum, Revolutionary War style, #3550

Solid one ply maple shell, 16×16
Shell stain “cherry”
Hoops painted red; ears are brown
Simple J hook strainer with natural snare gut
Natural hemp rope
Cooperman custom heads, Remo Fiberskyn 3 batter and EMP snare
Rope carry

$995 plus shipping/handling




Liberty Snare Drum, Civil War Style, #3552

6 ply laminated maple shell, 16″ dia x 12″ deep
Shell stain “medium dark walnut”
Hoops painted red; Civil War style tab ears, natural
Civil War style snare strainer with natural gut snares
D ring carry with leather fittings
Cooperman custom Remo heads: Fiberskyn 3 batter, EMP snare
1/4″ hemp rope

$925 plus shipping/handling



DEMO Liberty snare with Civil War modifications

Solid one ply ash shell, 17″ dia x 11″ deep
Shell stain “medium brown walnut”, satin
Hoops painted red, satin
Civil War style snare strainer with natural gut snares
D ring carry with leather fittings
“Contract Eagle” hand painted
“Contract” tack design
1/4″ hemp rope
Shown with calfskin heads and no muffler.

Regular $1785, discounted $1685 plus s/h
Custom Remo heads may be substituted.  Regular $1465, discounted $1365 plus s/h


New Liliberty-eagleberty Model Snare Drum #3459

Solid one ply ash shell, 17″ dia x 16″ deep
Hoops painted red
Brown ears
New Dual Strainer with adjustable anchor; natural snare gut
1/4″ buff poly rope
Calfskin batter, Remo EMP custom snare heads
3 legs on each hoop

Hand painted “Liberty Eagle” artwork

$2530 plus shipping/handling
DEMO discount $2430 plus shipping/handling


D3362 taborEMO SALE Tabor Drum

Solid one ply ash shell, 14″ dia x 19″ deep
J hook strainer, 4 strands natural gut, on batter side
Heads mounted with rope through flesh hoops
Heads English caflskin
Simple rose head nail tack design
3/16″ linen rope, rope carry
Tabor style ears

Reg price $869 with goatskins, $969
DISCOUNTED PRICE $700 plus shipping/handling



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