Presented here is a selection of suggestions for this time period, but please bear in mind that these are only suggestions – there is too much information available to be comprehensively summarized in this space, and the degree to which the drum is made suitable for you as a contemporary percussionist while maintaining aspects of authenticity to the period is something to be considered and discussed as we work with you to design your drum.

See Liberty Model Drum Home for additional information on materials specifications.  These suggestions represent modifications to the Liberty Model.

Shell Size
Standard as 22” dia. x 22” deep, formed of 2 solid one ply pieces joined horizontally.  Other sizes may be custom ordered.

Liberty Model counterhoops are re-sized to 1 5/8” high, with a rough tacked overlap instead of a smooth feathered lap.

Snare Strainer
The strainer is a brass/bronze shell-mounted J-hook design based on drawings in Praetorious.

Snare Gut
We use 4 crossings of natural, heavy weight snare gut.

Custom ears are shaped to resemble art of the period, in natural or brown leather.  Other ears may be substituted as an option.

4 strand linen rope is standard.

Highest quality calfskin heads are standard.

additional optional hardware
Neither legs nor rim guards are historically appropriate for this era, but may be chosen as an option.

Tack Design

This drum is standard with a simple period tack design.  Other tack designs, or no tack design, are available as an option (PHOTO GALLERY).