The Cooperman Liberty Model Drum is heir to an ancient tradition of rope tension drums dating back
over 400 years. Its design pays full respect to its heritage while incorporating modern technology and
acoustic principles to create the most advanced rope tension drum in the world today.

OUR SOLID ONE PLY SHELLS in ash or maple are dimension cut from logs at our Vermont sawmill.
Each shell is then expertly bent and formed to size by our drum makers. Reinforcement rims are installed;
bearing edges are trued for accuracy.

OUR SHELL SIZE range is nearly limitless. We offer traditional marching and concert sizes
as well as historical period sizes; custom sizing is also welcome. Rope tension snare drums are unusual is
being named by shell size as “diameter by depth”, while rope tension bass drums are conventionally named
as shell “depth by diameter”. Our assembled drums stand app. 3” taller than the named shell size.

OUR SOLID HARD MAPLE COUNTERHOOPS are dimension cut and custom formed at our Vermont sawmill.
Our standard size is 1 7/8” high x 3/8 thick; custom sizes are an option.

OUR FINISH WORK is done in-house, ensuring the highest quality results. We offer many
standard stain and paint finishes; custom finishes are an option.(PHOTO GALLERY).

Our Liberty Model Snare Strainer, cast in bronze, provides a level of adjustment and
sensitivity unparalleled in the rope tension drum tradition.

Our Liberty Model Drum Carry is a closed-eye design, custom cast in very durable bronze.
Bass drums are standard with 2 carry hooks. More may be added for an additional fee.

OUR SNARES are professional quality natural snare gut, arranged as 6 strands
(12 crossings); custom numbers and gauges are an option.

OUR LIBERTY EARS are made of hard leather tied with natural vellum lace. Standard in
chestnut brown; available also in black or russet (tan). We also offer British style white leather ears
(rough side out).

OUR ROPE is a standard as 5/16” filament dacron, which reaches maximum stretch quickly
and is very durable. Optional ropes include 1/4″ spun dacron and 1/4″ 4-strand linen, a natural fiber rope
which we have custom made to our specifications.

OUR HEADS are Remo synthetic heads or optional professional grade calfskins. We use
custom made Remo Fiberskyn 3 batter heads and EMP snare heads as our standard snare drum combination;
these heads are made for us with no logo and heavy weight rims. Remo Fiberskyn 3 is our standard bass
drum head, also made with no logo. The optional calfskin heads are our finest grade batter and snare
calfskins in matched pairs, tucked on our solid wood flesh hoops.

OUR CAST BRONZE DRUM LEGS are optional, mounted 3 per set on one or both snare drum counterhoops.
Bass legs, mounted 3 per drum, are also optional but not recommended.

OUR CAST BRONZE RIM GUARDS are optional. These are mounted as a pair on the batter
counterhoop to protect the hoop and finish from stick strikes.

OTHER OPTIONAL HARDWARE includes a lyre assembly for your batter hoop, or a modern
leg rest on the shell.

Our artists will reproduce your artwork from an original sketch, photograph, or your description, or
you may choose one of our traditional designs.(PHOTO GALLERY).

TACK DESIGNS are an option.
You can submit your own design, or choose one of our traditional designs. (PHOTO GALLERY).

Details of the warranty are available upon request. Each drum bears a brass plate engraved with its registration number,
which is recorded in the owner’s name.