Under the artistic directorship of River Guerguerian, Asheville Rhythm has cultivated one of the most vibrant frame drumming communities in the USA.

Cooperman has worked with River and Asheville Rhythm to build a line of drums bespoke for the distinct Asheville approach to frame drumming – something that embraces percussion,  dance, music therapy, sound immersions, and yoga.

We’ve “super-added” to/modified the Classic Cooperman design specs by:

  • adding shell depth (4.75″ versus 4″) to provide stability and punch.
  • modifying thebearing edge geometry- the “hybrid” edge is beveled gently on the outside diameter, transitioning to a rolled contact point and then an angled inside diameter bevel.  These geometries result in drum that is both “punch” and articulate.
  • a single ply, steam-bent Vermont Red Maple (soft maple) chosen to give these drum a soft but articulate tone, with  strong lower fundamentals and an even distribution of middle and high frequencies.
  • shell stained a brown/umber for a distinctive look.

12″     $400.00

14″     $400.0

16″     $410.00

18″     $440.00

20″     $465.00

22″     $510.00

Learn more about Asheville Rhythm on their website: