Large Diameter “F-Drum”

These unusually large diameter (28″) frame drums push the envelope in offering an extremely resonant bass voice.  Made in our Vermont workshop from local Cherry, they are excellent for meditative drumming and chanting, but also are of interest to professional percussionists exploring the far ranges of finger drumming sound possibilities.

28″ diameter x 3″ deep x 5/16″ thick,  single ply Cherry shell, steam bent and scarf jointed, features a precision beveled bearing edge. The drums are finished with a lustrous laquer finish – they have an overall striking presence!

-The  Remo Renaissance head is secured into an exterior groove, which is then covered with a colored knit cord. We designed this self-locking system to minimize the tendency of the head to pull away from the shell.

-Our patented internal tuning technology preserves the traditional appearance of the instrument and allows the player to maintain a complete range of motion, unencumbered by external hardware. Tension on the head is adjusted by the action of an internal, lightweight, moveable bearing member. A T-grip Allen wrench and tuning instructions are included.



Marla Leigh demonstrates the Cooperman F-Drum;