The Cooperman Pandeiro is based on the traditional Brazilian style drum, played gymnastically with the finger pads and hand heel. Our turned shell is 10 ” diameter, 1  5 /8″ high, with precision cut bearing edge.

Our patented internal tuning technology gives the skin head a range of possibilities while allowing the player to maintain a complete range of motion, unencumbered by external hardware. Tension on the head is adjusted by the action of an internal, lightweight, moveable bearing member. A T-grip Allen wrench and tuning instructions are included. We secure the head into an exterior grove which is then covered with a colored knit, cord, a design that minimizes the tendency of the head to pull away from the shell.

Each of the 6 sets of embossed and cupped jingles are dampened with a flat jingle to reduce sustain and create the traditional pandeiro’s dry, articulated jingle sound.

     cloth/mylar head for a “thuddy” sound, (RECOMMENDED)

     or a REMO® Renaissance for a more modern, full pitch range

     or REMO Black Suede for a mid-range

Approximately 410 grams













$275.00  orderonline


Rafa Pereira demonstrates (below) on drums mounted with REMO Cloth Mylar and REMO Black Suede:


Marcio Jardim:

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