In 2009, we included another version of the dayereh in our selection of Persian inspired drums. Rowan Storm’s travels throughout Iran have given her a deep understanding of Persian Classical music, the role of women in ancient, sacred percussion traditions, as well as the evolution of Western culture based on countless elements from the East. Living in the Eastern Mediterranean region since 1993, Rowan performs internationally with some of the greatest Masters of Middle Eastern music while actively promoting cross-cultural understanding. This new drum reflects her vision and teaching approach which emphasizes ease of playing and musicality, as well as an integration of the two brain hemispheres. Learn more about Rowan Storm and her work at

The overall dimensions and light weight (13.75″ x 1.75″) combine for an unusually well-balanced drum, particularly accessible for entry-level beginners. More advanced players will discover that the design facilitates a broad range of expressiveness within universal musical genres. See also our Houman Pourmehdi Dayereh Page


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