Our Todd Roach Hybrid Tambourine is designed to offer a variety of distinct jingle effects, layered onto of a full bodied, percussive, low tambourine sound. The tuning capabilities and the adjustable jingle pins make it a great instrument for accompanying many styles of music and for building dynamic drum solos.

Configured for left-handed or right-handed players, the mix of pandeiro, tamburello, kanjira, and riq jingles is laid-out for maximum control over the jingle action. The shell is deep enough to give a full resonant sound and shallow enough to easily switch between any varieties of tambourine techniques. While intended for maximum versatility, the drum comes set-up with Todd’s preferred layout for the 7 jingle pairs: counterclockwise from the riq jingles held in the 6 o’clock position, kanjira, pandeiro, pandeiro, tamburello, kanjira, pandeiro.

We recommend a synthetic head, choose either a REMO® cloth/mylar for a distinctly lower pitch range, or a REMO® Renaissance for a more modern, full pitch range.
Our patented internal tuning technology allows a variety of sound possibilities while allowing the player to maintain a complete range of motion, unencumbered by external hardware. Tension on the head is adjusted by the action of an internal, lightweight, moveable bearing member. A single T-grip Allen wrench is used to both tune the drum and to act on the jingle pins. We secure the head into an exterior groove which is then covered with a colored knit, cord, a design that minimizes the tendency of the head to pull away from the shell.

The 12” diameter by 2 1/8 deep, lathe turned Maple shell is lightweight (about 550 grams), and is decorate with a Sapele wood inlay.