Franceso Turrisi

Cooperman Daf

With spiritual, Sufi roots, the Daf is an important instrument in Persian / Kurdish sacred and ceremonial drumming.   More recently the daf can be heard at the intersection of world music and contemporary jazz.

The large, shallow shell makes for a “big” drum sound, while an extensive complement of four interlocked, light brass rings are used to create an additionally big jingle effect. The shell can be shaken to create a variety of shaker rhythms and flourishes. When played with a rhythmic, gymnastic rolling style, the rings tilt forward to touch the skin creating a variety of scraping and buzzing effects.  The narrow bearing edge combined with a REMO HAZY Renaissance Timpani style synthetic head makes this drum surprisingly sensitive and precise for its size. The shell is steam bent hardwood  21″ outside diameter x 2 5/8″ deep, tuning range – low A to high E (a range of a perfect fifth).

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To learn more about daf drumming:   Francesco Turrisi describes the drum at time stamp 16:07

21″ Daf: