Polychrome Riqs Gallery

Cooperman drums can be customized in a variety of ways. We can paint, or stain, or laquered the drums, or add an inlay to express the vibrant character of these tambourines. If you are interested in ordering a “fancy finish” drum, you may choose one of the following (refer to the riq finish by name in your order notes), or imagine something of your own and email us. Additional fee applied for fancy/custom finishes. Order a Polychrome Riq through our webstore:  
sunburst riq 2.125

Sunburst with black rim

Stottlemeyer riq Oct 2012 1

“Stottlemeyer” Curly Maple with black diamonds inlay and gold finished rim

Robinson 2013 2

“Sheronick” Deep red wine finsh with all bronze jingles

May 20th 2010 002

“Sheronick” Deep red wine finsh with all bronze jingles

Mango Riq

“Mango” with bronze finished rim and bottom-edge trim, bronze jingles

Joelle Riq 2012

“Joelle” dark sunburst with black rim and black bottom-edge trim

Iris Arno Riq April 2010

“Iris” deep wine finish on curly maple with electric blue cord

Gray Ghost riq 2013

“Gray Ghost” bronze finished rim and bronze bottom-edge trim finish

funky blue riq 3

“Funky Blue” with black rim


“Acid Green Apple” with black rim

Bryan Bowman

“Bryan” caramel sunburst with black ri, and black bottom edge, 3 scallops

blue and gold riq

“Blue and Gold” dark blue rim with gold finished rim and bottom edge trim

Adam Smith 3

Deep purple on ash wood, gold finished rim, made for Andy Smith

Polychrome Riqs Gallery

(top) “RedDrum” all red (middle) “Moby” Navy blue with fish skin and bronze bottom edge (bottom) Caramel Sunburst with black rim