17″ Velez AIS Drum

15″ Velez AIS Drum

This series of individually hand made high quality tuneable tars and bendirs is the result of our work with Glen Velez. These drums, part of our Artist Innovation Series program, have been designed to Glen’s specifications and can be customized in a variety of ways upon request; custom orders may be differently priced. -The Velez Series shell is 4 3/4″ deep and 1/4″ thick.  Our solid, single ply ash shell, steam bent and scarf jointed, features a precision beveled bearing edge and a striking wood inlay in the light weight frame. -The edge of the Remo Renaissance head is secured into an exterior groove, which is then covered with a colored knit cord. We designed this self-locking system to minimize the tendency of the head to pull away from the shell. -Our patented internal tuning technology preserves the traditional appearance of the instrument and allows the player to maintain a complete range of motion, unencumbered by external hardware. Tension on the head is adjusted by the action of an internal, lightweight, moveable bearing member. A T-grip Allen wrench and tuning instructions are included. -Holding the instrument is made more comfortable and less fatiguing by the distinctive arch grip in a particularly light weight shell, which is cushioned to soften the grip.

13″ AIS Velez Tar

-Our overtone dampening system is featured on the tar versions of this drum. A hand rubbed, natural finish accentuates the inherent beauty of the wood. Drums may be ordered through the Cooperman website or from the ordering page of www.glenvelez.com THE BENDIRS All the features of the Velez Tuneable Tar, with Remo’s WeatherKing mylar head and no overtone dampening system. -A simple braid of 4 fine dacron snares is threaded through the shell across the back of the drum head to produce the distinctive buzzing sound of the bendir. The player can adjust the tension on these snares, or releasing them entirely to eliminate the buzzing effect.

Decorative inlay for 13″ Velez AIS drums

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Inlay for 15″ Velez AIS drums

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