Cooperman’s line of Hybrid, or Fusion, drums embraces a varied range of cross-influences.  These drums are largely a response to our endorsing artists’ desire to explore, in new and non-conventional ways, traditional playing styles and instruments indigenous to diverse cultures.  In some cases we have simply treated traditional elements to a contemporary makeover – as with our kanjira and our line of Italian Style drums – whereas in other cases elements – like our first Artists Innovation drum, the Hadjira, and our newest Todd Roach Hybrid Tambourine – we’ve radically reconfigured traditional elements in the creation of an “all new” model.  These drums represent our commitment to innovation, as well as our respectful reliance on traditional forms and aesthetics.


The Jamey Haddad AIS  Hadjira

The Glen Velez AIS Mediterrasian Tambourine                                      

The Andrea Piccioni AIS  Tamburello

The Todd Roach  AIS  Tambourine

Frame Drums:

 The 99 Slapback

 The Jamey Haddad AIS DoubleTake (coming soon)

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