Cooperman Kanjira:

The Kanjira is a relatively recent innovation notably added to concerts of the Indian Carnatic music system as a supporting instrument for the Mridangam (the double headed barrel shaped drum). Today this small tambourine, with its unique sound and extraordinary tonal range, is widely popular and has an established voice of its own jazz, fusion and world music.

Cooperman has collaborated with virtuoso South Indian tambourine player Ganesh Kumar to introduce a kanjira that addresses the evolving role of the instrument, and that enhances the range and functionality of the traditional instrument. Our steam bent hardwood shell is 7 7/8″ dia. x 2 1/8″ deep. With a distinctive barrel-section profile for comfort and balance, and a slightly larger diameter to accommodate western play techniques, this evolved kanjira is fitted with a special REMO cloth/mylar flim that imitates the flexibility of the traditional, but now endangered, lizard skin. A stack of coins are used as jingles to adds just the right cut.



Kanjira Videos:   Cooperman kanjira