AIS NSR Goldeneye Series


N. Scott Robinson Goldeneye 2N. Scott Robinson, a leading American frame drummer, teaches at San Diego Mesa College, in California.  He is proficient on all styles of frame drumming and a wide variety of world percussion.  Scott has composed and published 8 pieces for frame drums and has worked with Benny Carter, Malcolm Dalglish, and Paul Winter, among others.

Our NSR “Goldeneye” series drums are designed to be substantial in every respect, to deliver a deep, rich, maximum tone from frame drums at the far edges of our range of diameters.  The distinctive honey-gold finish reflects N.Scott’s personal flare and style.

These large diameter, lap-style, bass-range frame drums are offered in 18″, 20″ and 22″  diameter. The 4.5″ shell is crafted from hefty 3/8” single-ply steam-bent MAPLE shell, with a distinctive golden tone finish.  The thick shell combined with wider, rounder bearing edge and warm REMO Renaissance head give this model a deep bass frame-drum tone with substantial sustain.

Layne Redmond Dedication – “Equal Footing” by Wind & Fire, August 2013

18″ Goldeneye $442.00

20″ Goldeneye $466.00

22″ Goldeneye $534.00