N. Scott Robinson Goldeneye 2N. Scott Robinson, a leading American frame drummer, teaches at San Diego Mesa College, in California.  He is proficient on all styles of frame drumming and a wide variety of world percussion.  Scott has composed and published 8 pieces for frame drums and has worked with Benny Carter, Malcolm Dalglish, and Paul Winter, among others.  http://www.nscottrobinson.com

Our NSR “Goldeneye” series drums are designed to be substantial in every respect, to deliver a deep, rich, maximum tone from frame drums at the far edges of our range of diameters.  The distinctive honey-gold finish reflects N.Scott’s personal flare and style.

These large diameter, lap-style, bass-range frame drums are offered in 18″, 20″ and 22″  diameter. The 4.5″ shell is crafted from hefty 3/8” single-ply steam-bent MAPLE shell, with a distinctive golden tone finish.  The thick shell combined with wider, rounder bearing edge and warm REMO Renaissance head give this model a deep bass frame-drum tone with substantial sustain.

Layne Redmond Dedication – “Equal Footing” by Wind & Fire, August 2013



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