Our 2.125 Artists Series Riq features the traditional jingle arrangement of 5 double-row, evenly spaced sets. The head is tightly mounted to create the drum’s distinctive clear, high pitched sound. We’ve incorporated the patented Cooperman internal tuning system to maintain top performance under all conditions, as well as our removable jingle pin system that allow players to change-out the jingles for alternate sounds.

  • Approximately 9.5″ diameter x 2.125″ deep
  • REMO Weatherking Clear drum head
  • 9 pair of hand hammered brass jingles and 1 pair of hand hammered bronze jingles. (The bronze jingle is intended to be the” played,” articulated jingle; the brass jingles for a shaker sound)

The Riqs can be made with variety of custom colors and finishes.  Use your imagine or choose something from our GalleryGallery: Frame Drums with Fancy Finishes

Burnished Natural finish: $424.00

Polychromed /Fancy Finishes: $477.00