Special Offers – Frame Drums & Tambourines



From time to time we have drums available that are not part of our “catalog” standard models.  They may be “one-off” drums that were built as prototypes, or drums built to model a custom design suggested by a customer.  Take a look and see if something here suits you.  Email us (info@cooperman.com) about the drum if you are interested in purchasing one, or visit our webstore page of specials:


(1)  22″ Curly Maple “Goldeneye” with Ebony Suede  SORRY THIS DRUM HAS SOLD

22-goldenThe Goldeneye Series is mounted with REMO Renaissance.  We mounted this one with an Ebony Suede so that attendees at PASIC could compare and contrast 22″ shells with various different drumheads

Cherry wood, stained

The standard 22″ Goldeneye is $415.00.  The ebony suede head is usually an additional $15.00