Special Offers – Frame Drums & Tambourines

From time to time we are inspired by conversations we’ve had with artists during the course of product development, or we prototype a design inspired by the comments we hear at festivals and workshops. Sometimes a particular piece of wood just speaks to us…Perhaps one of these will speak to you too…

Email us (info@cooperman.com) about the drum if you are interested in purchasing one, or visit our webstore page of specials:


(1) 14″ ROSEWOOD Tar drum


 It is especially rare for us to make frame drums shells from Rosewood.  The especially hard rainforest wood shell gives this drum an exceptionally long sustain and a distinctively “true” tone.
It is noticeably heavier than a standard Cooperman drum of the same size – Rosewood 14″ =1080 grams (2 lbs 6 oz.) as compared to a Cooperman Cherry model = 792 grams (1 lb 12oz)
14″ Diameter x 4.25″ deep Rosewood shell with Ash liner
black cording
REMO Renaissance drumhead
price:        $400.00

(2) 14″ Bendir:

14″ Diameter x 4.125″ deep Cerry shell

REMO Ebony Suede drumghead

Bendir snares

Royal blue cording

PRICE:     $333.00



(3) 20″ Tar with Inlay

20″ Diameter x 4 3/4″ deep  Cherry shell with decorative inlay

REMO Renaissance drumhead

price – $398.00

special offer = $375.00






(4) 14″ Tar Drum, Emerald Green Sunburst

14″ diameter x 3.5″ deep cherry shell stained  sunburst Emerald Green

Green/black cord

with a thumbhole, REMO Renaissance drumhead

price;     $354.00

special   $330.00





(5) 18″ Frame Drum

18″ x 4.75″ depth, Cherry shell stained medium-dark brown

REMO Renaissance tumhead

with hybrid, rolled bearing edge profile (Asheville Percussion Fest style).

price      $376.00

special   $350.00