Glen Velez


The enhanced features of the Velez tars and bendirs are united with traditional features of the Cooperman bodhrans to create our Artist Innovation version of the tradtional Irish drum. Slightly larger in diameter and depth than our standard tar drums (20″), and featuring a thinner shell, this drum is designed to be especially light in weight, yet deep and rich in tone.


This series of individually hand made high quality tuneable tars and bendirs is the result of our work with Glen Velez. These drums, part of our Artist Innovation Series program, have been designed to Glen’s specifications and can be customized in a variety of ways upon request; custom orders may be differently priced.

Handance Tars

Our AIS Glen Velez Series of Cooperman Drums now includes 5 high quality, moderately priced, tuneable frame drums.  The Handance Tar drums are lightweight, expertly crafted, and designed for use in any musical setting.  They can be tuned to a wide range of pitches, while the synthetic head insures maximum resonance in any climate.  Handdance drums are shallower than standard Cooperman models and are priced without a case, which may be purchased separately.

Glen Velez designed this series of drums to explore a new context for some traditional instruments. The three drums clearly borrow their design heritage from the South India kanjira, the Italian tamburello and the Spanish panderoa, but they are not intended to be traditional versions of those instruments. The jingle pattern and design features have been adapted to facilitate Glen’s innovative, cross-influenced style of playing. In accompanying booklet, Glen demonstrates the application of his Mediterrasian style using hand movements drawn from traditional sources, but with the rhythmic ideas used, combined and shaped into a broadened context.