Cooperman Rope Tension Snare and Bass Drums are the culmination of over 50 years experience in design and craftsmanship.  We hand select trees to be dimension cut and bent at our Vermont sawmill to form our solid one ply shells and counterhoops.  Each drum is then handcrafted to order, as we select and adjust each design element with your input to produce your custom Cooperman drum – an instrument fully in command from the muster field to the modern percussion ensemble to the symphony hall.

SPECIAL OFFERSFrom time to time our drum builders are inspired to build a showroom sample, or to prototype a drum with a special material or finish or construction detail.  Used drums, refurbished drums, and shop seconds may also be available.   Please call us (802 463 9750) or email us ( if you are interested in one of these drums.

NEW : We are adding a dual adjustable strainer option in 2015, to complement our existing adjustable anchor option.  Our new strainer can be mounted with natural gut, wire snares, gimped gut, or a combination of snares. The throw off feature is incorporated into the design.  Options for Cooperman snare drums will now be these: the standard  Liberty strainer/anchor, with an optional throw off fitting; the standard Liberty strainer paired with the adjustable anchor, with an optional throw off fitting; or the new dual adjustment strainer paired with the adjustable anchor, throw off incorporated.

NEW : From 1975 through the early 2000’s we offered plywood shells as well as our own solid one ply shells; starting in 2015, we will add the plywood shell option back to the Liberty Drum offerings.  

NEW : Cooperman custom REMO kevlar batter head, now available in 14″, 15″, 16″, and 17″ with our custom rims.


Cooperman drum parts, accessories, drumsticks March 2016

DRUM MAINTENANCE INFO Rope Drum Maintenance Manual