April Rose Cohesion Dance Drum:

The Dance Cohesion drum, designed for April Rose’s bellydance training program, is just the right size for providing a rich tone without hiding dance movements of the player – 14″ diameter x 3″ deep paired with a responsive yet warm REMO Renaissance drumhead.

The drum is designed to be portable and lightweight – ideal for  upright-style playing while still being versatile enough to play in the lap or freehand styles. The smoothly shaped  thumb-hole facilitates ornamental spins. A turquoise sunburst turquoise finish compliments the players’ ornamentation.

As with all Cooperman drums, this instrument is crafted in the Vermont with materials sourced from local, native hardwood trees, using methods passed down through generations of sawyers and drum builders to create these special,  single-ply bent wood shells.

For more information on April Rose and her dance training, visit: www.aprilrose.dance & www.dancecohesion.com


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